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Beast from the Snowy Woods Part 1 (Scarlett Story)
    The harsh winter wind sliced through Sergeant Taylor’s scarlet coat like a knife. Shivering, he glanced around at his beleaguered patrol. They had been on the move for days, trekking from their fort back to Boston. Within a day, a fierce snow storm descended upon them, obscuring their vision and leaving them to stumble uncertainly in the vast frontier woods. As the white flurried grew heavier and the icy wind buffered them back, Sergeant Taylor had no choice but to order them to halt until the storm passed.
    All through the night they huddled together in a desperate attempt to stay warm. Any efforts made to build a fire were cut short by the howling wind. Their only hope had been the shared body heat of their fellows. Packed together, they tried their best to stay awake through the miserable onslaught of the blizzard. Each man feared that should he fall asleep, he wouldn’t awaken.
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A Reason for Treason (Kent One-Shot)
      Yeah, I know. Quite shocking I’d join Ace after what he did to me. Chased me, kidnapped me, sliced my face, and nearly killed me. Sane people would get away and never look back. Aside from the fact I’m not the sanest person around, things changed and I had multiple reasons why I never went back to the army.  
    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like him when he was a kidnapper, and I still wanted to get away from him even when he wasn’t trying to hurt me. After he caught me as I fell from a ladder, I still wanted to get away. Could I understand that he had a reason for prying the information from me? Of course. Did I realize it could have been a lot worse? Without a doubt. Did I sympathize with or want to stay with him? Not a bit.
    I wasn’t exactly pleased to see him three years later, either. Of course I tried to run! The man nearly killed me. But, when I realized
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Humans of Kelusia (WBW 22) by Shadow-Hyder Humans of Kelusia (WBW 22) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 0 Banshee (Rageryan Critter) by Shadow-Hyder Banshee (Rageryan Critter) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 2 Why I Don't Do Character Sketches by Shadow-Hyder Why I Don't Do Character Sketches :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 0
AER Ch. 14 Welcome to the Family
    Kent opened his eyes to a familiar forest.
    Warm sun, gentle breeze, babbling brook, and bird song.
    He was at the border between Slumber Realm and death once more. He knew that if he turned, the wall of white mist would be behind him. Slowly sitting up, he looked around for the Star Swimmer, Inzikuz. Surely she was the one who summoned him here? Who else would bother too?
    Her prediction had been correct. Kent had run into Ace again. As she also said, Ace had been an ally rather than enemy. She truly did know the future. Star Swimmers truly did have the power to see into the future.
    “Welcome back, Kent.”
    Turning, Kent expected to see just Inzikuz. Perhaps the Elkaroo.
    He didn’t expect to see the person standing beside the Star Swimmer.
    “Mother?” he whispered, slowly pus
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Let It Be A Nightmare (Full Story) by Shadow-Hyder Let It Be A Nightmare (Full Story) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 0 6 Star Swimmers (WBW 21) by Shadow-Hyder Star Swimmers (WBW 21) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 0
Sisterhood of the Traveling Floofs Episode 1
    “Get your butt moving, Dagger! The prey won’t wait forever!”
    “If your insolent blabber doesn’t drive them off first, Amarok!”
    “I wouldn’t insolently blabber if you’d get that fluff moving!”
    “This fluff would get moving if you’d just shut up!”
    The snow Siamese worg, Amarok, glared at his much fluffier companion, the dire worg Dagger. Dagger’s thick brown fur kept him warm and even the worst chills at bay. Mainly because of his thick mane, double the size of Amarok’s. The bitter wind ripped right through the snow Siamese, much to his chagrin.
    That, of course, only made the smaller worg all the more irritable.
    “Fine. Let’s move then, I’m freezing my tail off.”
    Dagger snorted
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AER Ch. 13 The Animal Within
    Captain McDuff staggered outside into the night, holding his sore muzzle. “Curse that Rageryan to the pits of the Eternal Fire!” This wasn’t the first time that meddlesome animal had gotten in the way of his plans. And now, with that mutt Kent, he managed to kill Sean. The leader of their colonial forces.
    Captain McCain soon joined him. No longer using the Black Veil, he transformed into a tall black Wolgolveri with a darker saddleback. A nasty blade scar parted the fur on his inner left thigh. He snarled, “Quiet! Don’t worry, Butch may still be able to defeat Mason and that meddlesome half-blood Kent.”
    Blue eyes flashed towards his. Why they had to work with a Rageryan to catch a Rageryan was beyond him. But they were no match for Ace alone. Ace held no fear of them and could take both of them at the same time. “And at what cost? The colonel is dead, at the hands of that m
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According to Plan
    He had a plan. Oh yes he did.
    He always had a plan.
    He was the man, or, Ballator, with a plan.
    Never did he go anywhere or do anything without one.
    Not only did he have plans, but they were good plans.
    They always would work. Never would one fail.
    Perfect in every way. Perfect timing, perfect planning, perfect execution, perfect results.
    So, if every plan of his had worked every time, what in Aether’s name happened this time?!
    Crocs, wild dogs, and a stampede! Not to mention the now bloody and broken bodies at his feet.
    How could something so perfectly planned go so wrong?
    Oh, that’s right.
~Sometime Earlier~
    “Ugh! It’
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Speculative Kelusine Patterns (WBW 20) by Shadow-Hyder Speculative Kelusine Patterns (WBW 20) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 5 11 Snow Storm by Shadow-Hyder Snow Storm :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 8 0 Speckled Heart by Shadow-Hyder Speckled Heart :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 8 8 Amber Heart by Shadow-Hyder Amber Heart :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 16 0
AER Ch. 12 ~Enough~
    Ace crept from shadow to shadow, using the trees and his black cloak for cover. The tall trees provided excellent over, but the full moon’s light brightly lit the forest. He’d have to be very cautious to not alert the men inside the fort. The less attention he attracted while saving Kent, the better.
    Fort Wolfsbane rose above the rest of the land. Settled atop a hill next to a clear stream, a palisade sharpened cedar logs surrounded the fort and protected it from attacks. A large, covered tower sat at each corner of the fort. A long, two story stone structure against the east wall housed the officers on the upper floors, while the infirmary, kitchen, and mess hall were located on the lower floors. Another building, this one closer to the west wall, had only one story and served as the barracks. In the center of the fort, a large open space allowed for drills and practices.
    He scanned the area with sharp
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Well, I finished An Eventful Reunion, which means there are currently no major projects being published.
So what's next for this account?

Until June, nothing major. I'm going to make a point to have a story completed and edited before I begin to post it. It'll have me stressed and I won't feel rushed to get it done. That will hopefully increase the quality of my writing plus the length of my chapters. Hopefully the extra bits will be worldbuilding related.

Speaking of that, the majority of my deviations until June with be Worldbuilding related. I have a few creatures (two of which are Rageryan) to introduce plus some written stuff and maps.
For written stuff, I'm currently working on Alphian city types, human information, Ancients, and a few others. If you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see, let me know! :la:

As far as story stuff goes, I may post little stories. I have some Ace ones, a few Kent, a Kelusine, a Shadolve, and maybe a Scarlett one or two. Are there any short stories about any characters y'all would like?
Concerning major stories, True Colors is definitely next. A rewrite of the first story I ever wrote (since removed from DA because goodness me is that painful to read). Then probably Cutting the Strings (Master of Puppets sequel), Fort F.E.A.R. (full length Acey boy), then Free at Last (third book of Puppet Master's trilogy). There's a few more, but those are the main ones.

So, that's what's coming up!
Nothing major until June, lots of Worldbuilding, and four major stories in the works.

Here's to 2018! :la:


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Hey! I'm Robin and I write when ever I get a chance! I have two accounts, but this is my main account for non-fanfiction stories. It shall have the information on my original characters, worlds, and species. And man, are there a lot of them. ^^;

Am I crazy? Probably. What writer isn't?

If you want to chat which me about something random or if you want to ask a question, go for it! I'm always happy to answer questions or even ramble aimlessly with you about whatever the random topic happens to be!

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:iconastargoldenwing:- Number one (and probably the only) fan of my stories, the first to make fan characters, big supporter of my series, and main commenter. Really cool girl.
:iconarven92:- Drew the profile picture and avatar, draws pretty much all my lines, and is all around sweet person.
:iconaspi-galou:- Helped me get my first Equus Ballator, drew some of my lines, my main trading partner, and is really fun to chat with. Really sweet.
:iconpklcha:- Sassy lassie. Helps out with issues. Really cool person.
:iconauroramelody14:- First RP partner. Super sweet and kind. AC3 buddy.


So I'm looking for reading prompts to flesh my characters out and write with different ones.
Comment on which of my characters is your favorite and I'll write a small story with them! :la:
Ok, wait. Last week we had no school at all because of 7 inches of snow. 
And today it is 70 degrees. Bruh
So I thought the latest version of Alphia was the last.
Surprise, surprise, I lied. Who knew?
I also have drawn the primary Kelusian landmass, Mainlandia, from which the other continents broke off from. So now to model the other continents after that. 
Here's to the journey. And stress




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