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Why Are You Like This?
    “And that’s when I rushed in for the kill!”
    “Really! I brought down that male caribou all by myself!”
    “Is that right?”
    “Of course it’s right! That’s why I’ll get the prey, guaranteed.”
    Maui’s breath clouded around his nose as he snorted with amusement. He glanced at his son, You Are Enough. Quite the story teller he was. “He was twice your size then?”
    The young buckskin tossed his head with a snort. His icy eyes shone with challenge. “You’d better believe it!”
    Maui plodded on through the tall trees. A soft blanket of white lay over everything, and the chilly air stung the Ballator’s sensitive nose. More of the icy white crystals drifted down from the grey sky to l
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 9
ID 5060- Diabolus Dissimulato by Shadow-Hyder ID 5060- Diabolus Dissimulato :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 7 13 Ukame for Aspi-Galou by Shadow-Hyder Ukame for Aspi-Galou :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 4
AER Ch. 9 Wrong Move
    Kent stared at Renegade in shock. It had been Ace who dove in after him! All these years he thought Scarlett had been the one to save him. After all Ace had done that night, it would make the most sense! “But… I thought Scarlett-”
    Renegade shook her head. “Ace beat her too it. Dove right in. I came down right as he went in. My sister was fit to be tied, of course, but since I had given you warnin’ there wasn’t much she could do with me.”
    When Kent thought back to it, the person who had dived in after him was larger than Scarlett. The biggest thing that set the two apart, Kent realized, was Ace lacked a tail. Kent looked down at his chest then back to Renegade. “So, Ace was the one who got the water from my lungs?”
    Renegade nodded. “Yep. Took him a few tries, but he finally managed to get it. You woke up briefly, flailin
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 1 2
Night Hunter (WBW part 14) by Shadow-Hyder Night Hunter (WBW part 14) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 0 0 ID- 5077 Decus Coruscare Foal design by Shadow-Hyder ID- 5077 Decus Coruscare Foal design :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 6 ID 5060- Diabolus Dissimulato Foal Design by Shadow-Hyder ID 5060- Diabolus Dissimulato Foal Design :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 11 The Last Link redone (WBW part 13) by Shadow-Hyder The Last Link redone (WBW part 13) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 0
AER Ch. 8 Shock Storm
    By men wearing red coats…
    The words hit Kent like a ton of bricks. It took him a moment to process Renegade’s words, and even then he couldn’t produce a word, much less a single sentence. He could only stare at Renegade in horror. All those times Ace had been attacked by a soldier of the King… he must have relived the horrors of the place.
    “I… I didn’t know…” Kent rasped.
    “No one does. You’re the only human on this planet that knows anything about Ace’s past. Both Ace and I would be very happy if ya keep your trap shut about it,” Renegade warned.
    Kent worried for a moment that she was angry at him, but then it dawned on him that it wasn’t him she was angry at. She was just being protective of Ace. If word got out what he went through, it would immediately be used against him. He
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 1 4
Prehistoric Alphia Concept (WBW 12) by Shadow-Hyder Prehistoric Alphia Concept (WBW 12) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 0 0 ID- 4984 Letalis liberatoris by Shadow-Hyder ID- 4984 Letalis liberatoris :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 7 Horizon by Shadow-Hyder Horizon :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 5 2 Village Raider (WBW Part 11) by Shadow-Hyder Village Raider (WBW Part 11) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 2 ID- 4984 Foal Design by Shadow-Hyder ID- 4984 Foal Design :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 10 12 Sombrachnid Adopt 2 (100 points open) by Shadow-Hyder Sombrachnid Adopt 2 (100 points open) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 0
Rain vs. Fire
    Thunder rolled across the African plains. The warm wind whipped at the tall golden grass and rustled the leaves on the trees. The air was heavy and warm, the scent of rain blanketing everything. Far in the distance, the line of thick dark clouds advanced like on approaching army. Slow, steady, relentless.
    Rain season. The favorite of all animals. It brought water, cooler days, and most importantly, new life.
    It was birthing season, and the land teemed with young animals, predators and prey alike. Most had grown past the newborn stage and were able to keep up with their mothers with ease.
    An enormous relief to their mothers, especially for those animals who weren’t at the top of the food chain. In large herds, the young calves were most likely to targets of predators. If they could run along their mothers, they could outpace the predators that roamed the plains.
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 10

1. Choose one of your Ocs.

2. The answers must be written in your Oc's point of view.

3. The OC can't lie.

4. Journal's title should be OC Interview.

5. Tag as many people as you want. 

6. Have fun!

Tagged by AstarGoldenwing with Kent!
Kent- Huh, so an interview! Hey, Ace!

Ace- What?

Kent- Does this interview with me!

Ace- Kent, I’ve got things to do-

Kent- No you don’t! Come on!

Ace- *groan* Fine.

1. What is your real name and nickname? 

Kent- I’m Kent Davis, but one nickname is Ace of Hearts and the other, so lovingly bestowed by Renegade as she chased me, is soldier boy.

Ace- Someone who hasn’t heard of me? That’s new. But welcome. I’m Mason, much better known as Ace or the Silent Slasher. Renegade calls me Acey sometimes.

2. Interesting, what is your current age?

Kent- You want my age in Earth, Rageryan, Kelusian, or Lauranian years? I’m older than a couple centuries, that’s for sure!

Ace- Who knows? Records were lost long before the, er, accident.

3. What is your favorite food?

Kent- Hmmm. Behemoth meat is really good, as is funnel cake.

Ace- Just meat in general, especially that earth dish chicken and rice. I love pancakes too.

4. And your favorite drink?

Kent- Fire Flower, no doubt.

Ace- Regretfully, I acquired a taste for fresh spilt blood. Just kiddin’! Jeez, what’d’ya think I am? Fruit juice is great.

5. Confession time, who is your lover?

Kent- Easy! Robert! Known him for quite a few centuries.

Ace- Renegade. She’s the first to not run screamin’ from me. In fact, she ran towards me, screeching like a Banshee with a wild look that made even me nervous. Fulgor’s Sword, I love that crazy Alphian.

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?

Kent- Ha! You’re lookin’ at the Ace of Hearts! I’ve kissed more people than you’ll ever know. Including the oh so stoic leader of the Icy Hawk Company. Love you, Rexy!

Ace- Yep.

7. Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

Kent- Not that I can remember. Ironic, huh?

Ace- My childhood was… less than allowing of feelings.

8. Who is your favorite author?

Kent- Easily Cody. That boy’s got a gift.

Ace- Probably that one earth author. What’s his name? J. R. R. something?

9. What is your biggest fear?

Kent- Ah, getting personal are we? A gentleman would take me to dinner first.

 Ace- None of your concern. Although I will say if ya come at me with a needle it’s your funeral.

10. Any siblings?

Kent- I had one… Dustin. Valiant and a soldier ‘til the end. Braver than I could ever be. I miss you little brother.

Ace- Multiple. Jasper, Jason, Tucker, and Amber.

11. Who is your worst enemy?

Kent- Eh, got a lot of them. Happens when you’re special ops.

Ace- Butch. He may be dead… but he’ll always haunt me.

12. Huh, okay. Who is your best friend?

Kent- Hmm. Either Ace or Robert. Probably Rob, since… well there’s some things he and I do that I can’t even imagine doing with Ace.

Ace- Either Renegade or Kent.

13. What would you do if you met your creator?

Kent- Who’s to say I haven’t?

Ace- After all I’ve been through? It probably wouldn’t end well for them.

14. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Kent- I wanted to be a soldier in the British Army when I was little. Look where that got me.

Ace- Certainly not a killer with the name Silent Slasher.

15. What is your worst nightmare?

Kent- Losing my family. I’ve already lost my brother. I’m not losing anyone else.

Ace- Letting the demon back out. He’s always in my ear. I may have gotten my head partially fixed, but he'll never leave me. If he gets out, no one is safe. Not even my family.

16. What is your lifelong dream?

Kent- Ridding the world of evil, especially the slave trade. Maybe move on to the Galactic Association of Slaver Hunters, or GASH, once Kelusia is clear.

Ace- Getting rid of this horrible reputation. I’m not a bad person… but that’s what people see me as.

17. What would you do if your dream came true?

Kent- Celebrate of course.

Ace- This demon would finally lose his power. I’d be at peace.

18. Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

Kent- Down by the white sand flats. It’s really peaceful, yet just a 5 minute run away is the beach and derby track.

Ace- Anza’s Leap. It’s the very edge of the cliff and covered in soft, tall grass. I can see the entire territory and cove from there.

19. Last question, what do you do most of the time?

Kent- I work undercover to eliminate the slave trade. It takes me everywhere. Even off the planet sometimes.

Ace- I used to infiltrate major crime organizations. Now I’m still a hunter for hire depending on the job, but I’m mainly at Castle Spade monitoring the Wild Cards and my other branches.


Kent- See, Ace? Wasn’t that fun?

Ace- Too invasive for my taste.

Kent- Oh c’mon. You were more than happy to answer Roman’s questions when he-

Roman- Can you all leave me outta this?

Alright! Since I'm not sure who else I can tag...
If anyone wants to ask any character of mine a question they can! My character MUST answer truthfully!


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Should I start making an effort to add underlying themes to my stories? 

Or has anyone noticed any?
I know Master of Puppets has growing up and the happiest ending isn't always the one you expected, but I'm not sure about Let It Be A Nightmare and An Eventful Reunion. 

I dont intentionally add them, but I'm wondering if any come to mind.
Cutting the Strings is back on track!
So, looking through, I've hit a snag with the sequels to Master of Puppets (Cutting the Strings + Free At Last), which may result in the entire plots being changed/scrapped. That also will probably result in the stories being delayed behind many others, so they may not be posted for a while/never. 

But, I must ask. 
Would you rather read a cut to the chase story with 20 chapters, or a slower (yet more lore filled) story with 30 chapters? 
Y'all the sun is starting to disappear.
The moon has taken a chuck out of it
What types of ships can you guys think of?
So far I have
Search and Rescue



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