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AER Ch. 3 Too Close For Comfort
    Ace was off him in an instant, leaving the aggravated man to lie on the floor. “Great!” he exclaimed. He held a hand down for Kent to grab. “Well come on, get up! We don’t have all day!"
    Kent groaned and took the Rageryan’s hand. However, the force of Ace pulling him up sent him crashing into the killer’s chest. Kent was sure brick walls were softer. Just how built was Ace? Oh that’s right. He had taken off his shirt when he planned to brawl me three years ago. I am curious about those horrible scars. Realizing what he was thinking about, Kent scolded himself. Ugh, not the time, Kent. This is Ace Riddick we’re talking about anyway. Of course his torso muscles are solid. He stumbled back, blinking and shaking his head. Something soft hit his face and he yelped, catching the items. Looking down he realized they were… “Clothes?” he questioned, looking up at Ace w
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 1 0
White Tiger Male Adopt ~Open~ by Shadow-Hyder White Tiger Male Adopt ~Open~ :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 0 Lilac Tabby Male Adopt ~Closed~ by Shadow-Hyder Lilac Tabby Male Adopt ~Closed~ :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 4 Forbidden Isles (WBW part 1) by Shadow-Hyder Forbidden Isles (WBW part 1) :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 10 Zercutan valley by Shadow-Hyder Zercutan valley :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 0 Mountaineer Adopt ~Closed 40 Points~ by Shadow-Hyder Mountaineer Adopt ~Closed 40 Points~ :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 10
AER Ch. 2 ~In or Out~
    Kent didn’t think he had run this fast since he had fled from Renegade. Buildings were a blur as he flew back down the road, dust kicked up behind him. “He’s going to kill me! Stop him!” he yelled, racing back towards the confused squadron of soldiers at the fort entrance. He ran up to them and gasped, “He’s back there, by the printer’s shop!” He pointed a finger behind him.
            The soldiers nodded and took off. One, an officer, stayed behind. Kent recognized him as Captain John Taylor. Calm and level headed, even the colonists enjoyed him being around. He was one of the few who would listen to their complaints.
    Captain Taylor patted Kent on the shoulder and told him, “Good work, Private Davis. You can go back inside, now. Your shift is over anyway.” Then he paused. “On second thought, it may be best for you to
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 0 0
Allen by Shadow-Hyder Allen :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 5 0 Jason by Shadow-Hyder Jason :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 4 0 Majestic Oceandiver by Shadow-Hyder Majestic Oceandiver :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 14 6 Underwater sketch by Shadow-Hyder Underwater sketch :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 2 0 Hot Springs by Shadow-Hyder Hot Springs :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 3 0
An Eventful Reunion Ch. 1 ~Guess Who's Back~
    The summer sun shone down on the fort grounds, warm and bright. Strategically placed near the harbor, it could monitor incoming water traffic and deal with those who violated regulations accordingly. Soldiers within took turns guarding the fort and making sure no one tried to get in. If they did, the sentries were to alert their fellow men inside.
    The town, on most days, was calm. Nothing overly exciting or eventful happened. Occasionally, there was some disturbance. Discontented colonists acting out against the King or his acts. But these issues were quickly quelled and the perpetrators placed under arrest. Things then continued as normal.
    No colonist would dare attack the sentries, for the price of such an act was immediate arrest. But there was no punishment for taunting, and the sentries could be subjected to all manner of harsh words. The words were mainly yelled by young, bored youths looking for a fight. But
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 1 6
Mystic Skywing by Shadow-Hyder Mystic Skywing :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 8 2
Child's Play Part 2 of 2
    The tip of the knife dug into the soft underside of Dustin’s chin, forcing him to tilt his head back even further. His throat was exposed, and he whimpered as Ace brought out another dagger, this one much more savage looking. The killer lightly tapped Dustin’s neck with it. “I’d really rather not cut this. It’s kinda,” Ace lowered his voice, “Important.”
     Dustin, leaning back as far as he could, stammered, “I-I-I’m sorry! I’m s-sorry! P-Please don’t slit my throat!”
    Ace glared into his eyes and slowly holstered his savage knife. He lightly grabbed his hair and growled, “Lie to me again and I’ll seriously consider it. Am I clear?”
    Dustin, on the brink of doing something involuntary and messy, squeaked, “Y-Yes, sir!”
    Ace took the knife away, releasing Dustin&
:iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 0 0
Ace of Spades Dragon form by Shadow-Hyder Ace of Spades Dragon form :iconshadow-hyder:Shadow-Hyder 10 0

    So! I’ve decided to do an art contest! :la: With point prizes! Yep, you can win points! Up to 100 :points:!

    Can’t draw? Fear not! You can submit a short writing piece for the two categories! Speaking of categories, there are indeed two! One for creatures, and one for characters! For the creature category, this includes any of my creatures. You can draw/write about a fan character, a specific species, or even multiple interacting together! The other category is characters, which includes any preexisting character(s) I have. You can draw/write about one, two interacting, or even draw (only) a scene from the stories. Send them on an adventure, of even have them interact with a character of your own.

    Are there certain things that will make me more likely to pick your submission? Perhaps! Will I tell what they are? Nope! :dummy:

Species folders:
Assorted World Information 

Character folders:
Alphian Characters
Rageryan Characters (soon to be updated)
Animal Characters
Human Characters (soon to be updated)

Story folders:
Master of Puppets
Let It Be A Nightmare
Silent Slasher Short Stories
An Eventful Reunion


  • You may only enter each category once!
  • Tell me if you plan to enter, which category, and what type (art or writing).
  • To enter, submit your piece to your gallery, tag me so I see it, and link back to the contest! 
  • You may do a written submission for one and art for another, or both art or both written.
  • Be creative! I love seeing creative things! :happybounce:
  • Be sure to tell me which you are entering! (Kind of important!)
  • Don’t be incredibly concerned with art quality. I myself suck at art, so I will not be overly judgy!
  • Try your best though! 



Each section will have three winners, each place getting the same thing!

  • 1st place: 100 :points: and any one thing from my commission list.
  • 2nd place: 50 :points: and anything on my commission list under 100 :points:.
  • 3rd place: 25 :points: and anything on my commission list under 65 :points:.

Also, at the very end, 20 :points: will go to the person who can tell me where Ace Riddick got his scars and 10 :points: to the person who can tell me who the main villain of Master of Puppets is!

Have fun! If you have any questions please ask! :la: If you realize you want to change an entry, just let me know.

This contest will end when August 12th! Good luck to all!

Entries so Far:



The Shadow of Ice by Cinus79


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Compiles pretty much every one of the species in my stories excluding dragon and Kelusine subspecies. :D

Hey! I'm Robin and I write when ever I get a chance! I have two accounts, but this is my main account for non-fanfiction stories. It shall have the information on my original characters, world, and species.

One day I hope to be able to publish my stories and maybe make an interactive game where you can explore the world in a 360 first person exploration mode.
That and I'd just love to create video games.:D

If you want to chat which me about something random or if you want to ask a question, go for it! I'm always happy to answer questions or even ramble aimlessly with you about whatever the random topic happens to be!

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Contact info!…
Twitter (that I never use):…

My favorite deviations:
Wanna Play A Game? (Story attached) by Shadow-Hyder Ace of Hearts by Shadow-Hyder Map Commission Example by Shadow-Hyder Scarlett Hyde by Shadow-Hyder MoP Ch. 18 Ace of Hearts    The smell of decay and pungent swamp water flooded Ray’s nose. She groaned as the feeling of peat soil under her slowly registered. The air was damper and stickier than last time as well, leading Ray to assume a storm was brewing close by. Did storms even form in dreams? A rumble of thunder answered her; they did.
    Ray briefly considered laying there and waiting until she woke up again. She was tired, worn out, and not in the mood for any confrontations or conversations. However, a baying howl echoing through the air around her changed her mind. With a grunt of effort, the human open her eyes.
    A clump of mushrooms grew less than a foot from her nose. Different shades of luminescent blue, green, and red glowed, lighting up the ground underneath the fungi. Contrary to what Ray would have expected, the mushrooms did not put off the pungent decaying smell of most fungi. Their smell was sweet and intriguing. Curiou
MoP Ch. 20 Sand in Places it Shouldn't Be    Silver eyed the opposing group warily. Athletic and tall, they looked ready to fight. Two males, and two females. Silver quickly recognized the kelusine as the tawny double dose female that he had seen staring at him earlier. But the Alphians, however, were unknown to him.  
    The tallest male was athletic and tall with shaggy blond hair hanging down over cruel hazel eyes so unlike Ricky’s playful ones. Two scars marred his skin near his right eye, and a similar scar cut through the skin on his chin. It looked as if someone had taken a swipe at his eyes, but missed. His Alphian attributes were very similar to Seamus’; tawny fur and a darker tuft at the tip of his tail.
    The smaller, darker male was a reptilian type with green scales, and looked out of place in the yellow and gold savannah. His short black hair stuck out in all directions and his vibrant green eyes seemed to hold the same amount of hes
Deadly Icespitter by Shadow-Hyder LIBAN Ch. 4    “How long until he wakes up? I want get this over with.”
    “Patience, Ace. He’ll wake up any second now. It’s been two hours.”
    “Good. The sooner we get this done the better.”
    Blurred and distorted voices flittered through Kent’s hearing. He started to come to his senses, the process slow and painful as his head pounded. The voices, rough and almost animal-like, were far from reassuring. The first was harsh, impatient, and cold. The second was calmer than the first, but nonetheless uninterested in Kent himself. He realized he was sitting in a chair, his hands behind the chair and his ankles bound tightly to the legs.
    Then the name spoken by the second voice, presumably the Renegade, registered.
    A-Ace!? The Silent Slasher!? Oh no! Not him! Anyone but him!

Other people's cool art:
Kingdom Adopt #1- open by KKSlider7 Azaroth by ARVEN92

Mature Content

Chakra -B.O.T. Chapter 4 Cover by ARVEN92 Azaroth Adoptable Auction #1 CLOSED by ARVEN92


Free dragon custom at 6,000 page views! :la:
Also, any suggestions for World Building Wednesday (WBW)?
And don't forget to check out my contest! :la:
So there appears to be a problem with on my computer so the next AER chapter may be slightly delayed.
I'm back from the woods! :D
I have a few pictures of the place (as well as a deer) if anyone would like to see me post them. :D
Well, I am in the woods with my dad for Father's Day, and will not have constant access to Wifi, I'll probably be able to check once a day, but am unsure when it will be.
In the mean time, feel free to still comment and what not! 
Also, do I owe anyone anything?

Should I start World Building Wednesdays where every Wednesday I post something to do with my stories' universe?
Things like maps, species info, sketches, and stuff like that.



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